Amazing and Dope 10 Nail Art Ideas in 2019

Our nails are the windows that showcases our individual and personal fashion statement, that is why we must spend some of our time in making it as dope as ever. In attempt, we spare a lot of our time in salons availing the nail care they offer and looking for a fabulous and different nail designs that perfectly fits our taste.

However, in this generation where nail art are becoming prominent, we wished nothing but the best designs for our nails!

So, we rounded up 17 best and amazing nail art and designs for you! Let’s give that plain nails a great vacation!

Decode False Nail Glitter Bead Flower

For those ladies who are fond of having false nails, then you wouldn’t want to miss this design. False Nail Glitter Bead Flower is one of the best seller of Amazon, this nail art is imbued with realistic and classy flower design ideal for Wedding and Birthday events.

Temperature Color Changing Gel

This YaoShun Temperature Color Changing Gel is definitely changing the game! If you wanted to try something unique and new for your nails, this is the best decision you could ever make. This nail polish changes its color depends on the temperature of the place you’re in, the upper part of the color which is the COLD COLOR kicks in – if it is 31C while the lower part of the color will show if its above 31C. Amazing isn’t it? You can grab yours here


Ladies are going crazy with this nail art design, this design is imbued with crystal rhinestones made from K9 glass that is transparent, pure and solid, which will definitely makes a boring simple nail polish come alive. This is best for those who wished to achieve a jewelry like design for their nails.


Since Summer is just around the corner, treat yourself a Neon Color Perfect Summer Nail Polish. This nail polish is imbued with bold neon colors. A very eye-catching color, ideal for ladies who wanted to emphasize their nails.


Ever admired the color of a cat eyes? Now is your chance to paint it on your nails! Cat eyes color changing glitter gel by Modelones are imbued with mirror shine and with highest quality of formula. This is indeed a second to none! And just like the number 2 list, it also changes its colors depends to the temperature of your nails! Wow! Jaw-dropping it is.


A Gellen Gel Polish Set of nude gray. This set is composed of 6 shades of gray. If you wanted to give your nails a simple and a natural glow, then this set of nail polish is the right choice for you. You can order and own this set here.


Want to get a red nails? This nail polish is perfect for those who wished to achieve a chick and seductive nails. It’s best for this fall. Ideal for parties and night outs paired with chic and vague outfits and getup.


If you wanted a nail polish that is long lasting then this nail polish is the best option for you. Rainbow Candy Colors from ULG is definitely the first choice for ladies who wished to have that shiny, colorful and lively nails.


The classy and feminine Juliette Rose Nail Polish is one of the most looked after and best seller of Amazon. The sparkling and breathtaking metallic design would absolutely make you fall in love to it after the first stoke! This nail polish from Juliette is safe, toxic free and vegan which provides protection and care for your nails. A very smooth and non-gritty formula, it is not just pretty but it is safe too! Oh-My-Goodness! Try and order yours at Amazon.


One of the most trendy color gel polish, ideal for ladies who wished to have a simple and classy Gold color nail polish. It is toxin free, easy and safe to apply. It also last longer and gives off nails a beautiful shine.

It’s our nails who protects and shields our fingertips, so it is just right to nourish and take care of it as well, a simple and basic nail care would suffice. However, it is so much better make it perfect and more beautiful by venturing and trying different nail art designs, because it is our nails who speaks our style without having to say a word! So invest with your nails now!

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