It was quoted “Your Hair is your best accessory!” So, one must invest in taking good care of one’s hair and that includes having the best hair style and mastering the beauty of hair art. But, the big issue most people are having today is picking what hair color that suits them and is absolutely giving everyone a headache because choosing the best hair color involves evaluating your hair type or what color that suits your skin complexion and even the shape of your face matters as well.

Worry no more!

At this article we’ll going to present all about what’s best for your hairs, and the best products to avoid hair issues such as hair loss.
Here are the top 5 best hair colors you need to try in 2019


    Platinum color is one of the best seller of REVLON. This color is so ideal especially Summer is just around the corner, so no doubt why platinum hair color is one of the most trending in the beauty industry as of the moment. If you wanted to have this color then you must consider choosing the best shade of platinum. You could have an icy shade, white hue or ivory. One reason why Platinum Color is the best is because it pairs and goes well with any wardrobe and outfit, it also makes you look neat and organize.


    This hair color from GARNIER is the first choice of people who have a fair skin, pink and medium. And if you’re gifted with brown and green eyes then this color is the best for you! Dark brown copper hair color is also good if you wanted to achieve a more natural look. And if you wanted to flaunt your natural beauty this hair color is the right choice especially when paired with light make up. It also goes well with both dark and bold outfits.


    The best seller Ultra Bold Burgundy hair color from GARNIER has transformed the hair of so many into a whole different level. This color is loved by many because it goes very well with any outfits and helps you achieve that hair color on fleek and is also very eye-catching that would definitely make you shine among the crowd. This hair color is ideal for people who have an ebony and pink skin tone.


    Faded Pastel hair color as well is having a breakthrough in the beauty industry. Pastel has a lot of color variation and hues you could choose, you could have a pink pastel, violet, dusty rose, faded grey and blue pastel and many more to mention. Faded pastel hair color will help you achieve younger look, chic and a cool vibe impression. It would also enhance and let your skin complexion shine even more! The best and safest faded pastel product you can purchase is the PRAVANA CHROMASILK brand.


    If you’re a MORENA/MORENO then you might want to consider of dyeing your hair into Chocolate Brown hair color. This hair color is ideal for people having a dark and brown complexion because it would brighten up and let your skin tone shine even more. This hair color is the best choice as well if you wanted to achieve that more natural looking hair color. The best brand of Chocolate brown hair color product is L’OREAL and is also one of their best selling product.

It is indeed true that we must invest in our hairs if we wished to look good. As what the saying goes by “Take good care of your hair, it is a crown you never take off” so, start nourishing your hair by choosing the best hair color that suits you!

Tips: Hair Spray plays a big role in maintaining and nourishing your hair. You might consider using the best hair spray offered by L’Oreal Elnett Satin and Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray from Garnier.

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